Mobile Gives Traditional Retailers To Catch Up

Mobile gadgets allow the traditional retailers have a good shot in catching up with e-commerce. In a generation where almost every household is equipped with technological paraphernalia like computers, laptops and mobile phones, businesses have to catch up and take advantage of these technological advancements. More and more companies are making their presence known in the online world. Launching a website for your company in the net will help boost the revenues of your company. is just one of the thousands of partakers in the internet age. Especially that the holiday season is looming around the corner, getting online is an edge for the company.

The use of mobile devices

Shoppers and customers nowadays are now using their tablets and smartphones when shopping for their favorite items. Of course, your company needs to be online so that these remote customers can purchase your services and products.

Legacy retailers are now catching up to this trend like Target Company. It is now gearing to becoming more mobile centric compared to Amazon. In a report, BI Intelligence makes a thorough research on the e-commerce market, looks at the increasing usage of mobile phones, estimates the sales to be made this upcoming holiday seasons and the behavior of consumers and retailers. Here are among the key points in the published report:

  • The growth in mobile commerce is deemed explosive. The buying of products and services related with the use of tablets and other handy gadgets rose to about 48 percent year over year during the second quarter. When converted to dollars, this is roughly about $8 billion.
  • Mobile attracts offline and online sales.
  • Traditional retailers are getting the grip in ecommerce. With the revolution brought about by tablets and smartphones, traditional retailers were able to catch up and contributed much to the growth of ecommerce during the second quarter of the year.

The retail wars push companies to deliver items the same day it was purchased. The buyers are benefiting much from this healthy competition among companies in the online world. There are even companies that provide for free shipment of goods.

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