New Flood Maps For Tybee Island To Show Changes In V Zone

The major reason why there are maps is to provide directions to travelers. However, there are maps like Illustrated Maps that provide directions in an interesting way with colors, popular landmarks and beautiful landscapes. Another type of map was recently approved for use by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which is the new flood map for Tybee Island.

Flood maps are used to reduce the impact of disasters. It also assists in disaster risk reduction and mitigation activities. According to George Shaw, Tybee Assistant City Manager, FEMA has recently approved updates to the flood maps. The changes were made after thorough and extensive research so that improvements can be made through dune restoration.

In the past, Tybee Island did not experience extensive flooding not until Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma. The new map will show changes in the “V zone” that is used to measure flooding based on wind velocity or speed. Shaw said that homes on the “V zone” will be removed. However, Shaw suggests that homeowners should still keep their flood insurance because the national topography of living in an island can be easily crippled in case of a hurricane or massive weather event.

Shaw further said that all the 3,000 residents in the island will be affected in some way by the new flood map. It can reduce the financial burden for flood insurance. Residents can also expect a dramatic decrease in their bill from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Even a few differences in expected flood levels can save customers in the long run.

At present the city is working towards the creation of a PDF format of the flood maps so that it can be posted on their website. Meanwhile, Shaw is inviting residents to visit the City Hall during working hours so that can personally see the changes on the maps and discuss the update with their insurance provider.

However, if you want a map with an aesthetic appeal and at the same time provide easy directions, your best option is Illustrated Maps that show a city from up above. The map from a bird’s eye view delivers a more realistic feeling of a place with geographical information.

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