New Regulations Might Impact Boiler Installations

If you live in England and planning to install new boilers, you might have to check the changes on the regulations which will be implemented starting April of 2018. Updated regulations require that new boilers should have higher level of energy efficiency compared to the old models. There are many benefits of boilers with higher energy efficiency thus the changes.

According to statistics, 60 per cent of household energy bills are due to heating systems that are powered by gas. The changes in regulations will help homeowners save in the future.

The regulation mandates that all boilers by April 2018 can only be installed if it has an ErP efficiency rating that reaches 92 per cent or over. Approximately one-third of boilers available on the market nowadays do not meet this requirement. Homeowners planning to install new boilers before April should be wary of accepting those that are below the efficiency rating required.

The new regulations are referred to as Boiler Plus, aside from requiring a high efficiency rating, it also require that all newly installed gas and oil boilers should be equipped with programme timer as well as thermostat to aid the user in controlling the heating more effectively. Most homeowners have these types of heating systems but it was not mandated up until today.

If you have installed combi boiler in your home, you are also required to have another energy-saving alternative. Homeowners will have the chance to choose from the four – flue gas heat recovery systems, load compensating thermostat, weather compensating thermostat and smart thermostat.

The flue gas system will be reusing the heat coming from the boiler thus reducing wastes and increasing efficiency. According to studies, this kind of system can give the same heat output but the gas used is lower by 4 per cent.

Load compensating thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature of the radiator thus protecting the boiler from being damaged sooner. Weather compensating thermostat, on the other hand, depends on the outside weather when adjusting the radiator temperature.

Technology is inevitable nowadays that it has become part of our daily lives. Technology further the benefits of boilers through smart thermostat which gives the homeowners the capacity to control their heating system via their smartphones or mobile gadgets.

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