New Test Being Developed For Foreign English Teachers In Thailand

According to an announcement made by the Education Ministry, there will be a new standard method that will be used by all in order to assess the proficiency of the foreign teachers and students when it comes to the English language. It is in an attempt to improve the quality of teaching and learning the English language in the country and in the process separate those foreign teachers that does not qualify according to standard.

Teerakiat Jareonsettasin, deputy education minister, has already explained that the new guideline will be called CEFR-T. This is an adaptation of the CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference for Language. The original version is used as an assessment tool to determine the language ability of the individual taking the test. Performances are based on six different levels that ranges from A1 which classifies beginners up to C2 which is a category for those who are master in the English language.

Unlike the original, the adapted version CEFR-T will have ten different levels rather than six which will range from level 1 for beginners up to 10 for experts in the English language.

The criteria in which the levels will be based upon have already been made such as in term of speaking, listening and writing. The test, on the other hand, is not yet developed and Thailand Professional Qualification Institute is the agency responsible in designing.

The institute was given the obligation to develop the test but it is still waiting for the Education Ministry to create a level of proficiency by the students by the time they have already graduated.

The test will be employed first on students as well as teachers in order to determine their proficiency level when it comes to the English language. Eventually, it will also be made available to other Thais who want to determine their level of proficiency when it comes to English which may be used solely for professional purposes. Aspiring foreigners who wish to teach English in Thailand may enroll with Entrust TEFL for a professional course recognized by institutions.

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