Online Tools That Help Homes Look Clean, Organized And Clutter-Free

For the modern women, housekeeping is no longer just her priority. Many women now are working full time while keeping their homes in the best shape. To go home to an orderly and clean home is sometimes a luxury especially if there is no helper available to do the house work.

Online tools are becoming a way to help deal with the housework and cleanliness of homes.

For Oprah Winfrey, clutter found in bedrooms for wardrobe is dealt by turning over clothes from back to front in closets. This helps with the decision to donate some clothes or not and thus, decluttering wardrobe from bedrooms. The process involves returning an item back to the hanger and placing it the right way not reversed when one makes use or wears it within a six month period. This is a way of knowing which clothes are often used so as to get rid or donate others not used regularly.

For Martha Stewart, she mentions to have saucers and teacups stacked vertically. Painting the pantry with chalkboard helps for making shopping lists. Storing garlic and onions inside bamboo steamers keep these fresh due to its ventilation and in turn saving refrigerator space.

According to Remodelista, small living spaces needs to be maximized. For them, this is a matter regarding proportions. One can scale down furniture, avoid large and heavy pieces and make use of low-lung sofas.

According to Neat and Tidy, home offices are kept clean by starting with clearing the computer’s desktop. Any paper document is better scanned so as to dispose the rest which are not saved or stored. Storing items in a box and hiding cables result to a cleaner look.

For Organize My House, it is best to have little in bathrooms by not doubling up on bath products. Storing the products in a Small Oak Vanity Unit keeps them out of sight and results to an organized and clean-looking bathrooms.

Aside from websites, there are also numerous mobile applications to help in cleaning, organizing and decluttering homes. Some help with cleaning schedules and give advice on maintenance chores too.

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