Over watch League Going Global Starting With Their Fans

One of the common factors that successful sport teams in the world have is a good fan base. A true fan has promotional merchandise in Australia representing a team from a particular sport. Over watch League is following in their footsteps by establishing their own fan base. They have acknowledged that there are skeptics before and more after they have decided to use location as the basis of the league.

Each team is named from a city and the names are incorporated with brands like the Dallas Fuel and Florida Mayhem.

This is the first season and all of the teams will be competing in Los Angeles but after this they are expected to more to where their team is based. The truth is that majority of the teams were not able to play within their city but it does not change the fact that they already have fan bases.

The Over watch League started only recently and is proving to be quite a success. They have accumulated a total of 400,000 viewers for their pilot week alone. Blizzard is happy with the results but more challenges are coming their ways such as creating regional fan bases for each of the team in the succeeding season. It may seem far away but the teams are already putting fort their effort to win the hearts of their local fans.

One of the methods they are using is by marketing their teams through huge billboards located in their home city. These giant adverts have been seen in various parts of America such as Dallas, Philadelphia and Houston. The most impressive of all billboards is the own located in Times Square in New York Excelsior.

As a means to increase the engagement with fans, various teams decided to host viewing parties all over their home city. Fans of the Houston Outlaw who went to the viewing party were given free beers as well as merchandise like hats and T-shirts. There is no question as to why 608 fans decided to come.

These methods are part of winning over fan bases. Much like the promotional merchandise in Australia, more teams will be using these to catch the attention of their local fans.

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