Paint Signage Vs Car Vinyl Wrap In Brisbane

There are several ways to make your car or service vehicle stand out. You can have it repainted or you can call a company for graphic arts and have your vehicle applied with car vinyl wrap in Brisbane for a unique design and attractive appearance.  Car wrapping is a modern trend in making a vehicle look well-maintained and more presentable. Compared to regular car painting, the method comes with various advantages.

Quick signage application

One of the main features of vinyl wrap for vehicles is they can be applied faster compared to car paint.Vinyl car wrapping can be applied manually or it can be done through digital printing by an expert graphics technician. There are several advantages of digitally printed car signage and one of them is its strength and durability even with harsh weather conditions and constant exposure to sunlight and heavy rain. Choose a company that uses high quality ink in printing signage.To further prolong the signage’s life, you can request for it to be laminated. By using vehicle signage, there’s no need for you to wait until it dries unlike using paint.

Ideal for business branding

You will find a lot of car vinyl wrap in Brisbane among service vehicles of commercial establishments especially those with delivery as part of their services. The good thing about having your product name on your service vehicle is you get to advertise your brand for free. You also get to reach more customersbecause your vehicle is mobile. When wrapping your service vehicle with vinyl, make it a point to include your brand name, logo and brand colours on the design. This will increase the brand recall of your customers on your product.


Compared to having an overall repainting job on your vehicle, a car vinyl wrap in Brisbane is cheaper since you won’t have to pay for intensive labour. Call a car signage company to find out how much will it cost you for the job. Ask for cost estimate from at least three service providers in your area. Compare the pricealong with its inclusions.

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