Park Ridge Official Believes Pest Control Should Be Required For Food Businesses

The public has been questioning the city council of Park Ridge whether they should require all food establishments in the area to conduct regular and preventative pest control scheme. This is to make sure that the kitchens preparing the public’s food will not be used as nets by rodents and insects. This is not uncommon with companies specializing in pest control in Brisbane because restaurants are required to hire one regularly.

They organized a discussion on January 22 and the director of community and preservation and development, Jim Brown, said that around 80 per cent of the total food establishments found in Park Ridge are already connected with pest control companies that conduct their regular maintenance. The number includes all the chain restaurants located in the city.

Brown added that food service operators are only required to take action if there are pests or rodent problems in their establishment but they are not required to hire pest control companies with business permit from the city to perform the preventive pest control.

He shared with the council the suggestions he received regarding having such requirement included in the food code.

Brown reiterated that there is no related cases within the city that prompted the proposal. He shared that one of the owners of a restaurant in the city asked about pest control requirement and Mayor Marty Maloney ordered that the council should talk about the issue. Brown further explained that the proposal is mean to be a preventative measure and nothing more.

Tim Schwarz, the environmental health officer, said that it is not common to hear about complaints of rodent or pests problem being addresses to his office. According to yearly health inspections, the most common issue is fruit flies in a number of food establishments but rodent or mice is quite uncommon.

Schwarz said that rodent problems are commonly encountered in residential properties compared to commercial ones.

He added that the required pest control program will only be effective if the business owners are following measures to make sure that infestations are prevented. This is also recommended by pest control in Brisbane because they cannot guarantee that the establishment will remain pest-free months after they have conducted the pest control measure.

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