Pest Control Firm Fined Due To Deplorable Conduct

When hiring a pest control in Sydney, it is important for homeowners to hire one that is not only efficient in doing their work but they must exhibit good characters as well. A unique case in Canberra involving a pest control firm was currently reported after the company received a fine worth $14,000 because it failed to issue a certificate for termite barrier to two of its clients.

Without the certificate, it is not possible for them to sell or refinance their houses. This is aside from the fact that the properties’ values have also decreased since their construction in 2015.

The owner of Integrated Pest Management Systems is Christopher Smith and he also received some strong words from magistrate administering the case. The magistrate called the owner deplorable for what his company did.

The certificate serves as proof that in fact a termite barrier has been inserted and the absence of which resulted to the homeowners inability to acquire a validated certificate that proves they are using and occupying the space. As a result, it is not possible for them to sell their homes located in Casey and Crace.

The sentence was already given by the ACT Magistrates Court to Mr. Smith.

During the mitigation, Rachel Bird who is the attorney of Mr. Smith said that her client did not know about the necessary paper works but pleaded guilty upon knowing that he needed to adhere to his responsibilities.

The company has been operational for three decades without any records of wrongdoings. She added that Mr. Smith is currently very sick which might be the reason for the business to close down soon.

The magistrate however said that Mr. Smith gave the homeowners a hard time when they approached him for a certificate which is considered a deplorable conduct. As a result, his company was fined with $7,000 for each of the complaints.

This is a caution to homeowners hiring pest control in Sydney to choose wisely and ensure all procedures are followed by the company to avoid distress in their part. A company at fault can be charged a maximum $37,500 for every offence.

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