Pleasure, Not Profit, Is The Reason For Home Pools

People would most often mistake the reason why home pools are built. Home pools like infinity pools or backyard pools are mostly made because of the enjoyment that people get out of it and not because it is a good form of investment that can raise the value of your property.

When Paul Folino had created a $250,000 pool in his backyard that had resembled the one he admired at a Shangri-La hotel, he did not think of the amount of money he could get back if he ever decides to sell the house.

He says that he never actually thought of the actual value of the house when he built the pool. According to him, the pool was built for the pleasure of his family and not because of anything else.

In many neighborhoods in Orange County, it would be a common thing to see homes with their very own pools as they represent the southern Californian lifestyle. But for homebuyers, pools are a big turnoff.

Homebuyers would often see a backyard pool as a liability that can endanger the children and add more costs and expenses on the house. Some real estate agents even went far as to say that pools often discourage properties from being sold.
These homebuyers do not see the need for a private pool as they don’t even want the risk of owning one especially if they have smaller children.

According to real estate experts, a pool is not really an investment. The cost to build a pool is around $45,000 to $60,000 but the amount you can get from it in the case you sell the entire property would only amount to half the money it took to build it.

Pools are generally built for a more physical and emotional purpose. Homeowners would add pools to their homes so that their families, especially the children, would be able to enjoy the water and the sun. It is more about the pleasure you could get out of it and not about the profit, since it doesn’t add much to the value of the property.

Now if you would be asking if home pools are worth it, it certainly is but only if you want it.

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