Ranking Of Effective Mosquito Repellers

A study was conducted by researchers at the New Mexico State University in order to determine the effectiveness of different types of mosquito repellents in time for the summer season. The study was published in February and it showed how potent each is along with surprising reveals from fragrances.

According to the study by the New Mexico researchers, DEET still remains to be the most effective when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. They tested products containing DEET and mosquitoes are staying away in large number. There are many health concerns regarding the ingredient that many consumers started looking for other alternatives that are more health friendly but according to Immo Hansen, a biologist as well as senior author of two studies concerning mosquitoes, DEET is safe except for very small kids. They can use it but the concentration must be diluted.

Another ingredient which drove mosquitoes away is the oil of lemon eucalyptus. According to the lead author of the published papers, Stacy Rodriguez, this pungent product is the greatest rival of DEET. Both of them are known to interfere with the antennae’s small receptor thus covering the human smell which they are seeking out. He said that smell is the main sense used by mosquitoes to locate a blood source.

If you are using citronella candles to drive the mosquitoes away from your home then you might be disappointed to know that these are not effective. In fact, it may be doing the opposite by attracting mosquitoes because of the carbon dioxide emission which they are looking for.

There is a saying that it is not advisable to wear perfumes with flowery smell when the season of mosquito starts because it will attract them. The New Mexico researchers tried out the theory using Bombshell made by Victoria’s Secret. What surprised them is that it has a slight effectiveness and drove some of the mosquitoes away. They are going to conduct follow up studies on which of the two dozen ingredients are driving the mosquitoes away.

There are other insect repeller in the market such as sonic devices and bath products. The sonic devices emit sound and it is effective in repelling male mosquitoes.

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