Rats On A Rampage In Sydney’s Inner City Growth Areas

Rats are on a rampage in the inner suburbs of Sydney, with the rapid increase in new cafés and increasing rental market creating the best conditions for these rodents to thrive in.

Rat infestation in Sydney

The older suburbs that are near the city, where the landlords neglect to do maintenance and where the residents throw their trash in plastic bags, are becoming havens for a couple of rat species in Sydney.

The residents and businesses have reportedly seen rats in streets, as well as in backyards.

Several residents have complained about rats similar to a cat’s size. However, rat experts mentioned that a sewer or brown rat grows to a 25 cm limit, having a tail of the same length, while a roof or black rat is smaller.

Stuart Jackson, who deals with rat infestations for already forty years in Sydney, mentioned to news.com.au that the growing demand for rat control got him out to residential and commercial property outbreaks.

Mr Jackson from Expert Pest Control mentioned that there is an increase of calls specifically in older suburbs, such as Haymarket, Surry Hills and also the city.

He added that there are dilapidated properties with insufficient waste control, old dunny streets, below par hygiene standards and areas where trash in plastic bags are dumped.

Furthermore, he said that these plastic bags do not deter a rat, and the waste moves down to a drain where the Rattas Norvegicus or brown rats live.

He added that many can be prevented easily, but there are $2 million to $3 million properties located in the inner city close to a rental where its landlord neglects it and where there are broken tiles or pipes and rats dig a hole underneath.

Aside from this, there are also restaurants that do not dispose garbage properly, according to him.

Professor Mathew Crowther, an ecologist and also a rodent plague expert from the Sydney University, mentioned that even though the rat numbers in Sydney are currently still not regarded as a rat plague, they are bigger in number compared to the people, and a best habitat for them was created.


Hopefully, there is going to be Rodent Control in Sydney so these rats are controlled or eradicated for health safety.

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