Russia’s Desperate Ploy To Gain Political Friendship

Russian leadership has become a ridicule to power nations. The country has strained its relationship among political allies because of its drastic move to seize territory from Ukraine. But what did Vladimir Putin do in order to at least appear that he still have friends from the international community?

The Russian president invited 26 leaders from different nations to attend Russia’s elaborate celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. He invited leaders from democratic nations and from nations who do not practice the much sought after democracy. He included in his guest list North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, an ostracized leader by the free world. Perhaps the invitation and appearance of the North Korean will be the motivation for Putin’s WWII celebration.

According to a North Korean expert, Kim Jong Un’s invitation would basically result to nothing that would benefit Russia. He said that the Russian president deliberately sent him an invitation to rouse diplomatic relations among other nations. He is further pushing his “screw you” policy.

Russian president’s “screw you” policy

The “screw you” policy of Russia was already evident last year when countries such as the United States, Great Britain and Germany condemned the leadership of Russia in their land grab from Ukraine. Russia then moved to strengthen ties with the North Korean dictator when the Western nations increased their military support in Ukraine where Russia was attempting to annex Crimea.

Sources confirm that United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, President Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor will not be attending the invitation to stand their ground of being against Russia’s invasion in its neighbor, Ukraine. On the other hand, a Russian official has announced that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un will make his first diplomatic outing in order to attend the 70th anniversary of the WWII.

There are several practical implications of the invite between North Korea and Russia. This will build a stronger tie between the two nations which will greatly pay positive economic impact for both countries. Russia has also set a “Year of Friendship” with North Korea. This will also strengthen the financial cooperation between the struggling nations, improving investment deals and trades.

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