Selling Fasteners: A Profitable Business

Ordinary folks may find selling fasteners weird, but Nationwide Industrial Supply just proved that money can flow from it. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings, selling nuts and bolts from a 14 foot van. Now, this sells over 40,000 products from its 35,000 square foot warehouse. What could have contributed to the longevity of their business? One thing has not changed since it was founded – this remains dedicated to its customers.

According Leo Majernik who happens to be the president of the company, they make it a point to listen to the needs and wants of their customers. He claims that their customers pretty much dictated their inventory.

Who are their customers? Many of these are industrial companies who are in need of products like hardware suppliers and industrial fasteners.

Nationwide’s warehouse consists of several rows of supply. It carries almost everything that a company could ever need. From specialty-sized wrenches, industrial fasteners, to small things like rags – the company made sure that they are a one-stop shop.

And the company owners have this one promise that could also have contributed to their success. The Majerniks claim that if you do not see what you need in their warehouse, they will surely get it for you.

For the business owners out there who also want to survive for several decades in their industries, you could learn from the Majerniks. Their formula all boils down to delivering on what the customers want and need. There are now a number of ways by which you can have a grasp of this.

If you are a traditional business, surveys help you get the concerns and ideas of your customers. You could also use your sales people as your point of contact with customers. Since they are often the ones who talk to them, they can give you a clear idea on the things that customers would want to see in your store. For those offering their products or services online, social media is your friend. People interact with business owners through social media like Facebook of Twitter. Having a website also helps. It’s also good if you have a phone line where customers could easily get in touch with you.

It does not matter if you are selling paper or industrial fasteners. Treating your customers well could help you succeed in your industry.

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