Should You Shower Or Take A Bath?

One of the touchy subjects always discussed is whether a person should take a shower or a bath. There are people who are always taking a bath everyday while there are those that think bathing is one for people who are not keeping up with proper hygiene. People who are sharing a place with a number of roommates are not comfortable taking a bath while there are people who cannot live without soaking themselves in a tubful of water as a relaxation. With the help of experts, these two things are weighed down and here is the result.

Shower, in fact, is better for the skin based on a dermatologist. According to the American Academy of Dermatology’s spokeswoman, Lauren Ploch, showers and bath can keep you clean but staying in the bath for a long time can result to dry skin eventually. Ploch also issued a warning against taking a bath in spas because it could be a cause for folliculitis – this is when the follicles of the hair are infected with bacteria resulting to a rash that is red and bumpy. Ploch recommended that rinsing with water (with or without soap) is essential before leaving a spa bath. For people with eczema, hot shower and bath should be limited to between five and ten minutes only.

When it comes to cleaning, both are effective methods. There is no evidence to prove that a bath makes a person cleaner compared to someone who just took a shower. Doctors are more concerned about the length of the time people take when rinsing. According to Emma Guttman-Yassky who is currently a professor and vice president of Icahn School of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology, long showers and baths are not needed in order to stay clean because constant scrubbing can leave the skin dry. She also recommended that people who bath should rinse themselves in fresh water to make sure that no soap residue remains in the body.

Shower is an eco-friendly alternative, according to a report published by Grist. To save water, it is recommended that homeowners should look into shower heads with water saving features. If you want to further beautify your bathroom, shower screens are also recommended.

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