Showing You How To Lay Artificial Grass Landscaping Bristol

Artificial grass is a great way to enjoy your garden without worries often ding your lawn and kids getting muddy when playing. It will not only look like a real turf; it can be very practical for everyone. You’ll be certain you’ll be the envy of all your neighbours. They will wonder how you manage to make your lawn green and tidy. If you need artificial grass, check Paul from Greenside Landscaping Bristol for assistance.

So when’s the best time to lay your artificial lawn?

Well, we can install artificial grass at any time of the year, but generally it’s better during the colder winter months. Ideally, this will be when the temperature is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Also, the ground is easier and softer to work with. You will have to decide on the size or amount of area you’ll want it covered with artificial grass. Installation can take few hours to a day. However, you need to keep it in place for some time before you can host a garden party or have kids play in this area.

The good news of having an artificial lawn is having to keep it a maximum of twenty years without tending or doing anything. However, you need to keep debris especially at autumn to make it look fresh daily.

The installation

When installing an artificial lawn, you need to prepare your garden before it is laid properly. You definitely want it to last longer and have a beautifully green lawn. You can ask help from Paul from Greenside Landscaping Bristol to know about how you can add artificial grass into your lawn. He is an expert so you can always ask questions about this product.

Firstly, the old turf is removed, the ground is stabilized, there will be drainage requirements, apply the membrane and the artificial grass itself. When you prepare the ground properly, it will mean that the artificial lawn is on a stable surface and can last for many years. You can then have your family enjoy the great view for several years to come.

When you install your new lawn during spring and winter, the installation may cost you cheaper with a quicker service provided. In summer months where you use your garden so much, it can bed it well. So ask Paul from Greenside Landscaping Bristol to help you with the installation.

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