Some Of The Common Types Of Pipe Fittings Used In Plumbing

There are a variety of pipe fittings available in plumbing systems for different functions and requirements. Pipe fitting is used in plumbing to connect multiple pipes of different or same sizes, in order to regulate the flow or to measure the flow.

These pipe fittings are available in various shapes and in various materials like iron, PVC, copper, brass etc. some of the commonly available pipe fittings are elbow, reducer, cross type, คุปปิ้ง, adaptors, Plug, Cap and valve. Let us know about the uses of different pipe fittings.

  1. Elbow

These fittings help to change the direction of flow between two pipes of same measurements. They are available in different angles such as 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. They are available in a wide range of materials.

  1. Reducer

Reducer fittings are used to connect pipes with different diameters. They reduce the flow from larger to smaller pipes. Reducer fittings are available in two types, concentric reducer and eccentric reducer.

  1. Cross type fittings

These fittings have openings in all the four directions. They can be used as meeting point for four pipes running in different directions. These types of fittings can be generally seen in fire sprinklers.

  1. Adaptors

Adaptors are used to connect pipes with plain ends. There are two types of adapters depending on the type of threads, male adaptors and female adaptors. The plain end of the adaptors is joined to the plain pipe and the threaded end is used to connect it to other pipes.

  1. Plugs

Plugs are used to close the pipe openings during maintenance and inspections. These fittings generally contain male threads.

  1. Cap

Caps are also used to close the open pipes for inspection and repairs. The difference between plugs and caps is plugs contain male threads while the cap contain female threads.

  1. Valve

Valves are used to stop or regulate the flow. There are different types of valves such as globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and diaphragm valve.

  1. Coupling

This fitting is used to connect pipes of the same diameter. The คุปปิ้ง fitting is useful in preventing leakage, in case of a broken pipe. These fittings are available in two models, compression and slip คุปปิ้ง, depending on their function and method of installation.

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