Some Orchid Species Feared To Be Extinct Due To Black Market Trade

The flowers being sold by orchid distributors in Thailand are different from the ones you can buy at US markets. In the orchid farms and nurseries of Thailand, you will see a great variety of beautiful flowers with their intoxicating scents with some of the species suitable to your garden. Orchids are abundant in Thailand and they are popularly used as décor for drinks, foods and girl’s hair.

However, the black market is becoming a serious problem to the orchid trade. More than 1.1 billion orchids were sold and bought all over the world in the last decade. At least 99% of the orchids were artificially propagated and not taken from the wilds. From the tens of thousands of orchids that are being collected and sold, scientists can no longer trace which of the species have become extinct.

Orchids are highly vulnerable from over harvesting. Some species can only be found in a certain location so that they have very low population density. In order not to wipe out an entire species, you only have to collect a few. In fact, John Phelps, co-chair of the global trade program of International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are certain orchid species that show risks of extinction if at least 5% of the population is harvested.

Serious breeders and collectors are always looking the newest and rarest orchids that can they use as ornamental plants in their backyards. Aside from being beautiful, orchids are also the source of traditional medicine. In China, shi-hu that is taken for fever, dry mouth and other ailments comes from the dried stems of dendrobrium orchids.

What worries Phelps is the ability of black market traders to find the newest and rarest orchid species. They invest a lot of legwork and once they find a rare orchid it is immediately traded.

If you want beautiful and exotic flowers for your back garden, your best option is orchid distributors in Thailand that can deliver the flowers worldwide. The highest quality of orchids is guaranteed for the most reasonable price. You will be satisfied with the range of orchid species in different colours, shapes and sizes.



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