Strengthening Customer Confidence Through Content Marketing

Last year, brands finally realized the importance of content marketing but when will they realize the associated importance of data, context and distribution? These are some of the remarks made by Ben Pheloung, head of demand EMEA during the final episode of Everything You Need to Know about Content Marketing. Marketers were given the chance to view a series of video primers including several accompanying features that aim to provide marketers the essentials of content marketing.

According to Claire Hill of Content Marketing Association, content marketing will continue to grow. Based on estimates, growth will hit £6 billion in the UK alone by the end of 2016 with budgets increasing by 25% each year. However, with the growing popularity of content marketing in delivering engaging relationships, consumer values and measurable success for brands, the undesirable trend of ad blocking is also on the rise.

Some brands have made content as the cornerstone of their advertising campaigns. Carat who is a strategic innovation director cites the marketing campaign used by Lego in TV shows, YouTube videos and feature length movies. The toy brick company was able to transition from a simple product that is highly appealing to children to a media powerhouse.

Sometimes, it is important for a marketer to think like a consumer to have an idea on what people like to read. For example financial services companies can blog about implications around the budget or how a consumer can improve credit rating. This is the type of content that will appeal to a target audience seeking information about financial services.

Brands such as Adidas and Red Bull have taken advantage of the opportunities available to reach their consumers. They have a rich content program in place to make them brand ambassadors. They have spent their budget on meaningful and engaging content that is interesting to the target audience.

Consumers as well as that business the recently opened in the corner want to know more about the bank where they opened an account with.  Customers want to be confident that they made the right decision. To provide the right information, the option of banks and financial institutions is content marketing financial services to do a good job of strengthening customer confidence.

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