Team Building Activities for Adults

The difference between team building activities for adults as compared to the other types of team building activities is the kind of characters one will encounter.


Team building activities for kids

These activities aim in developing a sense of being able to work together. Getting primary school children to understand as well as develop some leadership skills is a mostly hard.


Team building for teens

Elementary and secondary school children are open to new ideas and love challenges. They don’t have great experiences compared to adults. This means that logic is mostly used during problem solving.


Team building activities for adults

Adults are completely different. Being in a full time job in an office or being unemployed and dealing with life’s responsibilities reduces several people’s motivation.

Team building activities for adults are there to tackle specific issues. The reasons mostly include:

  • Shared understanding
  • Direction setting
  • Sharing a common goal throughout teams
  • Building relationships in teams
  • Forming and having new teams to work together
  • Addressing teamwork skills like leadership, communication, coordination, motivation, ideas, vision, system thinking and problem solving
  • Using a two-factor theory known as Herzberg motivation-hygiene theory for external influences that affect a team’s motivation


Some ideas for team building activities for adults


Group plank skiing

Two planks with attached loops of rope are needed. The team puts each foot on a plank while holding the rope. They need to walk these plank skis going to a room’s end. This needs teamwork and coordination in order to life the plank.



Paintball is a great way to having teams work together. Plans are needed to be formulated for use when in the game while working together in order to win.


Untie the circle

Everyone needs to stand facing inwards while forming a circle. Participants need to cross arms and hold hands with the participant next to them. The challenge is being able to uncross all hands without letting go. This entails coordination from all participants.


Chocolate making

There are now a lot of places where a team can go to do chocolate making. This is a good activity that happens in a low threat space.


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