Technology Helps Patients Undergoing Chemo To Maintain Their Locks

Joelle Smith found out she has cancer way back in 2002. When she was about to start the chemotherapy treatment, her doctor already told him about side effects which might cause her to lose all her hair. It usually starts after two weeks of being in the treatment.The staff at the Bondi hair salon knows of the struggle of women who lost their hair and gained it back after they won over cancer.

As expected, her hair fell out in chunks, while she was in the shower, after the two weeks of chemo. With the help of her husband, she decided to shave her head.

Smith said that being bald made other people look at her as another cancer patient and she does not like how they saw her. Doctors told her about the cancer going into remission but in 2012, she was again diagnosed with breast cancer and it was already in stage 4. She tried other treatments but to no avail and once more she will have to undergo chemotherapy.

The major difference this time is that she is not going to lose her hair. Thanks to a new innovation that was recently introduced in Charlotte. This is calledDigniCap Scalp Cooling System and it is not very popular because it is quite expensive and the cost cannot be covered by an insurance policy. The system is not popular either as there are only two devices existing in North Carolina. Aside from these, the treatment process is not only long but uncomfortable at the same time.

One of the devices is at the hands of Oncology Specialists of Charlotte while the other one is located in Winston-Salem at the Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Center. Originally, only patients with breast cancer are allowed to use the system but a few months ago, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it can be safely used by cancer patients with solid tumours that are undergoing chemotherapy.

It is good news for the clients of Bondi hair salon because their clients don’t have to worry about losing their previous locks at the hands of the treacherous disease.

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