Tent Turning A Rainy Wedding To Canvas Masterpiece

For every detail of a wedding held outdoors one can control, there is a huge element one cannot: the weather. But with the addition of a tent to the wedding plans, one can have peace of mind.

An uncontrollable factor

According to Mindy Weiss, who is a wedding planner that has worked with famous personalities, brides get worried about all things, but getting worried of the weather is a huge load, since it is something that is uncontrollable. The best option is to make use of a tent.

Weiss laughingly said that when there isn’t one, it is going to rain.

However, having a tent is also not as easy like looking at a weather forecast. There is the problem of ordering one and then expecting the tent to arrive looking good and wedding-ready.

She explained that many people do not understand what is needed in order to make a tent work.

From the décor to the permits to the floor plans, the New York Daily News got inside scoop on the information required to weather a storm.

Tips for having tents on weddings

Choosing intelligently. There are three primary tent types: canopy, pole tent and frame tent. A canopy has 4 poles and offers a straightforward canvas for that minimal protection from the weather. A pole tent has many centre poles that provide great space. A frame tent is free from poles, and a frame supports it.

Factoring into a wedding budget. A tent costs anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on its size, with the decorations not included.

Amenities and niceties. Is there a rest room? An on-site kitchen? Walkways? Every one of these also needs to be covered by small sized tents. Weiss mentioned that for bigger weddings, there are more chances to deal with many tents.

Reputable hire company. The company, which offers a tent or Marquee Hire in Sydney or in other locations, can make or break a wedding.

For Weiss, a great company is going to provide a detailed plan and diagram for the installation prior to a wedding. They are also going to take care of any permit needed.

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