Thailand Pushes For More Improvements In Public Facilities To Attract Tourists

The facilities of business hotel in Sathorn are perfect for both business and leisure travellers. Because of the proximity of the hotel to the MRT subway station, it is very convenient and easy to reach the venue of a meeting. The shopping, dining and entertainment districts are just a few minutes away. At the shopping malls, there are food centres where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.

Improvements in public facilities in more than 26,000 sites nationwide will be launchedby Thailand’s Tourism Department to attract the interest of tourists to local communities. The tourism department is asking for 20 billion baht from the government to be able to finance the improvement program in secondary provinces.

The focus of the project will be safety because of the number of lives that were lost in the beaches in the last few years. According to director general Anan Wongbenjarat, the department is currently considering 2,639 sites for restoration or improvement. 1,843 of the sites will be in 55 secondary tourism provinces while 796 will be in 22 major tourism cities.

The move of the Tourism Department is in response to the urgent call from the Tourism and Sports Ministry so that community-based tourism will be pushed in secondary provinces. Better tourist facilities will encourage visitors to travel to local communities. Timeline for the project completion is 1 year. In addition, the department will also develop local markets, promote town centres and improve road signs in tourist destinations.

Tourism safety and service at beaches will also be improved by increasing the number of lifeguards, by promoting cleanliness through robots and the protection of coral reefs by increasing buoys. Roads to tourist sites will be improved, clean toilets will be increased and personnel will be trained. Small and independent operators will be given proper education on financial management and accounting to improve their unique products.

Your comfort and convenience is the priority of business hotel in Sathornthat is why it is offering a fitness centre where you can work off the stress of the journey. The stylish lobby is the perfect venue to meet your business associates, clients and partners.

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