The Best And Worst Wedding Story

There was no first dance, no speeches and no honeymoon in a suite. Instead, the Australians Mike and Bec Brennan were at the hospital their first night as a married couple feeling very ill. Likewise, their bridal party also suffered from the very same virus.

The wedding nightmare

The Brisbane couple who is now based in London flew home for their Valentine’s Day wedding. When Monica, Mike’s sister and also a bridesmaid and the wedding planner, got sick, they thought it was a heat stroke. Bec recalls how Monica was the first one who got sick, but they were able to make it for photos. After that, she already starting feeling unwell. Then, it all went bad. They were already suffering from a gastro bug when they arrived at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) for the reception. The food tipped them over the edge according to Bec. A few minutes later, the bride, groom, best man and a bridesmaid were all in a make-do nurse’s station with buckets ready. Dehydration from the 30-degree sun plus an evening of getting sick meant they were headed towards the hospital.

Bec says that they vomited a lot. Mike adds that Bec had fever spikes, and he was on a drip. The Mater hospital gave them a care package with the words “Just Married.” It had drugs to stop them from vomiting and everything. Kelsie Smith, GOMA’s wedding planner, and her manager Sarah Thomas couldn’t believe what happened. They brainstormed and thought of how far they can go knowing the gallery would help to fix the day.

Dream wedding – take two

They dragged themselves to the plane for their honeymoon in Bora Bora even though they were still not feeling 100%. While they were recuperating and forgetting about the wedding disaster, a secret plan was in the works: Newlyweds – take two. When they got back in Brisbane, they were told that they had a free tour of GOMA and a small dinner. They were greeted by their wedding planner and the manager. They were crying and hugging them.

Bec says that when the reception music played, they already realised what they have done. They walked into a reception complete with flowers, replacement cake, photographer, photo booth and a band. Within 6 days, their wedding planners as well as family and friends turned their wedding from a catastrophe to the best night ever.


Whether a couple has chosen the best services for a Party for Hire in Melbourne or has chosen a simple wedding reception, what matters is how they will work for their future together. A wedding is just the start. Luckily for Mike and Bec, they had a second shot at their wedding.

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