The Best Private Boutique Resort In Chiang Mai

Come to Thailand’s cultural capital, Chiang Mai, as it provides travellers unlimited adventures and attractions. You can also find magnificent private boutique resort in Chiang Mai which have been enlivened by the Lanna heritage and the modern influences of local artists. If you are searching for a luxury getaway, yes you have come to the right place. Here are three suggestions of boutique resorts in Chiang Mai, so you know where to stay in case you come here:

Tamarind Village Hotel

The Tamarind Village got its name from the ancient Tamarind tree. It has a magnificent courtyard, which make it a stunning retreat. Each of the 45 elegantly adorned guest rooms are accentuated beautifully the Lanna way. Here you can dine, relax and spend more time at the lounge with its lush green setting. The Tamarind Village Hotel makes it the best getaway for touring and sightseeing.

137 Pillars House

The structure of this private boutique resort in Chiang Mai dates back to 1889. Elegance of modern elements and the former times are retained to provide a tasteful balance of the hotel. It is situated close to the heart of the city, making it hard for tourists to leave this place. Its dark wooden houses are shrouded with jungle-like gardens, which have captured the essence of the Lanna culture. It has 30 spacious residences that have been adorned in colourful themes. The 137 Pillars House is not only the best place to stay in Chiang Mai, it’s actually one of the best in Thailand.

The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

This private resort is one of Chiang Mai’s most stunning hotel situated on the suburbs of the city. You can feel the small Lanna style village of the resort more than being a hotel. The luxurious Dhara Dhevi has been created like an independent ancient city, with its exciting scenery and architecture. Guests can select between the signature residences, colonial-style suites, or two-story villas, that all seem like impressive palaces. If you like, you can taste delectable cuisines from one of its restaurants. Whenever you are here in this private boutique resort in Chaing Mai, it feels like you are a Thai royalty spending a comfortable and quiet vacation.

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