The Businessman Diver

There is a saying about doing what you love and earning at the same time. This is why Sunil Bakshi is fortunate enough to do his passion while remaining as an entrepreneur. Many people think that he has the coolest job in the world. Sunil Bakshi has a degree in industrial engineering with many talents to boot. He used to compete in swimming and also a former water polo player. Aside from these sports, he was widely known as one of the first scuba divers in India.

He’s been to several diving locations including Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Maldives and Mauritius among many others. He wanted to show the public the hidden beauty that he had seen underwater. In order to pursue his passion, Bakshi decided to build the Infiniti Live Aboard which is a cruise designated to take divers out into the Indian Ocean and give them the chance to explore the beauty in the sea of Andamans.

His job requires him to live in a month for as long as seven months which makes it more like a vacation than working. Despite the great job he has, he admitted that he has some responsibilities to take on. For example, he needs to look for new dive sites, build a team consists of professional divers and build a network of foreign travelers who love diving.

Bakshi shared that the first time he entered the world of entrepreneurship was to build an engineering consultancy firm based in Dubai. It was his own initiative thus boosted his confidence and this is when he desired to do more in terms of entrepreneurship.

Since he was passionate about diving, it has always been his dream to build and operate a liveaboard – the very first in India if it comes to life. He wanted to make his dream come true after travelling the world and take on various diving locations such as Australia, Mauritius, Maldives, Thailand and Mexico. He knows that India has some beautiful islands and coastline which fueled his desire to put his country in the diving map of the world.

If you are in Thailand and planning to go to a diving trip, check out Thailand Dive and Sail.

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