The Challenge Faced In Designing The Interiors Of A Smart Home

With rapid innovations in interior design in Bangkok, home life is becoming more convenient and efficient. In order to adjust to more changes, interior designers have to find new and better ways to approach their work. Advances in engineered surfaces have given interior designers more freedom for creativity.

Natural stone certainly looks more classy and luxurious but its use requires compromises. The Essastone engineered stone surfaces in Laminex range is composed of 95% quartz with the same effect as natural stone but without the price tag. Engineered stone looks more realistic compared to porous a natural stone. It is more durable and versatile making it more suitable to daily living.

According to Catherine Valente from Laminex, a concrete look can easily be created without the cost and complexity that comes with natural stone. A stunning concrete look can be achieved with subtle undulations, beautiful colour tones and rich finishes.

Innovations in laminate materials have made matte finishes a more practical and stylish alternative. Super matte surfaces are sophisticated and extremely durable. Because of advances in technology, super matte surfaces are fingerprint and scratch resistant. The natural silver ion antibacterial protection allows the surface to stay beautiful longer.

Interior design has to seamlessly blend with smart homes that have the ability to run themselves. Tasks are simplified when the blinds lower as the sun becomes intense. The air conditioner switches on automatically whenever the temperature rises. When it starts to rain, the louvers stay closed without the need for control.

Smart homes are a challenge to design for interior designers because they have to invest a lot more efforts at creativity. However, the opportunities are exciting. For example, how do you design a smart home that runs on voice command so that lights will dim when the TV is switched on for movie night?

Preferences are rapidly changing and interior design in Bangkok must meet the challenges of functionality, quality and intelligent design without losing the personal touch. Many potential clients have invested in condos and homes in Bangkok for rental purposes and they want the interiors to be designed in a way that will attract the attention of tenants.

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