The Growing Obesity Epidemic Among Australian Children

A research that was published by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health highlights the growing obesity epidemic among children. The results of the new research revealed that one in five Australian children is overweight even before he/she starts school. The results of the research were based on 350 two-year olds for three years and the amount of their healthcare costs.

The research also found out that the cost of childhood obesity to Australia amounts to 17 million Australian dollars every year. The annual cost of healthcare for an overweight or obese child below five years old is AUD $367 higher than a child who has healthy weight. For obese children between the ages of two and four, the direct cost of healthcare is 1.62 times that than of a child with healthy weight.

Vicki Brown, a researcher from the Center of Research Excellence in Obesity Policy at Deakin University said that one in five Australian children are obese even before they start school because the behaviors that lead to obesity like poor diet and lack of exercise are established very early in their childhood. There is that unique window of opportunity for parents to shape their kid’s eating habits and behavior during the early stages of their childhood.

According to Vicki Brown, early childhood is the critical time when children experience their first taste of food and their attitude towards physical activity. Children learn so much during that time which presents a very good opportunity for parents to provide them the best start in life while their tastes, preferences and habits are still being formed.

Childhood obesity is becoming a growing concern not only in Australia but the rest of the world. Usually, children suffering from severe obesity require specialist care because of the higher risks of health problems.

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