The Impact Of Social Media On The Tourism Industry

The Asia Pacific region has received close to 600 million inbound tourists last year. This was the largest share from the 1.2 billion tourists that crossed international borders. Within the Asia Pacific region, Asia received 436 million tourist arrivals. It is no wonder that in Thailand, villas in Cha Am were filled to capacity because holidaymakers preferred a destination where they can enjoy lots of sea, sun and sand.

However, with the growth of tourism, a new order is shaping because travellersare now armed with digital tools that disrupt the traditional organized holiday. The 45 to 65 age groups no longer use packaged tours; they are the biggest group using Airbnb. According to Rafat Ali founder and CEO of Skift, even restaurants have made the efforts to change their designs and menus so that it will look good if someone takes an image and posts it on Instagram.

However, there are holiday destinations that have certainly benefited from social media like Bali. Trip Advisor, the world’s largest and most popular travel site named Bali as the world’s best travel destination for 2017 based on travel reviews. Chinese visitors are partly responsible for Bali’s triumph because of the Bali-related online searches that increased by 73% year-on-year.

According to Sarah Matthews, head of destination marketing for Asia-Pacific, travellers search for a lot of information before deciding on a destination. Trip Advisor receives 390 million unique visitors per month with most of them searching for the best places before finalizing a trip.

According to MasterCard, tourists usually splurge when on holiday. The largest spenders come from China and South Korea because they have strong appetites for shopping and culinary experiences. When you talk to leaders in Asia, they are very proud of the tourism industry’s contributions to the economy. The dependence of many Asian countries on tourism is very high.

Tourism in Asia is growing because travellers cannot the resist the beauty of the beaches and other stunning sights. In Thailand, you have the option of villas in Cha Am where you can enjoy a premier beach destination that is renowned for its natural appeal. It is also conveniently located near the Hua Hin airport.

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