The Proper Way Of Getting Rid Of Wasps In Your Backyard

Homeowners in the City of Regina were given several pest control tips to reduce the chances of being stung by wasps nesting in their yards. According to Russell Eirich, manager of forestry, horticulture and pest control in Regina, wasps are different from bees. Wasps have smooth bodies and foldable wings while bees have fuzzy bodies. Compared to the bees, wasps are more aggressive and can sting several times.

Eirich also said that wasps in the backyard are beneficial because they feed on other insects particularly garden pests called aphids. However, wasps become more aggressive when summer turns to fall because their nests are growing and they have to struggle to find more food. If there are no insects to feed on, wasps can turn to human food especially sugary drinks.

Homeowners must ensure that their picnic or weekend barbeque is not disrupted by wasps by ensuring that food is properly covered and kept away immediately after eating is finished. When a wasp finds a food source, it will immediately communicate the location to the other wasps in the nest. Make sure that any spills from sugary drinks are cleaned immediately with water. Always ensure that garbage bags are properly tied and garbage lids are in place.

Eirich suggests that sugary drinks can also be used as bait for wasps. Once the wasps are trapped, the trap can be submerged in water. If you prefer to get rid of wasps in your backyard, you can use spray or dust for underground nests but make sure to undertake pest control during the coolest time of day and always wear long sleeved clothes for protection. Wasps can be sluggish and slower at about five in the morning. However, a better option will be to call a professional pest control provider to treat the wasp nests in your backyard.

Pest control is not a task that you do on your own because sprays and chemicals may be harmful to health and the environment. Proper techniques are undertaken by pest control in Sydney to ensure that health and environment is not compromised. For each pest control treatment provided, a certificate will be issued for your peace of mind.

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