The Taube Museum Of Art Is Going To Host Kyklos, By Susana Amundarain

The Main Gallery exhibit at the Taube Museum of Art is going to showcase Kyklos, by Susana Amundarain until February 10, 2017.

Background of the artist

Amundarain is an American artist who was born in Venezuela. Amundarain already did solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Amundarain’s work is shown in the museums in the United States, South America, including a lot of private and corporate collections like Minitab, ALCOA, PepsiCO and Empresas Polar Foundation.

A primary interest of Amundarain is the relation or interconnection of the various types of art forms. Her mixed media works and paintings are somewhere in between representation and abstraction.

The images of Amundarain were described to be compelling and poetic, a lot of times these were regarded as lyrical abstractions.


Kyklos is a Greek word that means cycle.

Amundarain picked this for a title of her exhibition in order to commemorate the opportunity given to her by the Taube Museum of Art staff, aside from it being a way to display and share several paintings of hers from varying time periods.

Amundarain mentioned that when she sees her works together, she also sees the cycles in people’s lives and how these find their way to reveal in her artwork. According to her, the earliest work she did that is on display is from 1985, and the most recent one is from 2015.

More information about Amundarain

Amundarain has a master’s degree in fine arts, with focus in performance art and painting from University of Denver in Colorado. She was also a Visiting Scholar in the Performance Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. She now lives and works in Minot.

Other feature works

The Lower Gallery exhibit is going to showcase works done by artist Nicole Gagner, entitled The Road Home. It is going to show acrylic North Dakota landscape paintings.

For additional information, one can contact the number 838-4445.

Summing up

Seeing these authentic artworks and Photos on Canvas by featured artists is a great way to learn about art forms and to appreciate these visual arts.

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