Thoughts Of A Celebrity Wedding Planner

Lisa Vorce, a celebrity wedding planner has certainly seen it all when it comes to weddings. Some of her clients include Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and Lindsay Price and Curtis Stone. Vorce has just teamed up with Ralph Lauren Fragrances so that wedding couples will have a personalized scent for their wedding. Vorce also shared some of her thoughts on the wedding trends for this simmer; here are some of them:

Choosing a fragrance is personal. What would be the first reaction of the bride when she smells the fragrance? Will she love the scent? Will it evoke emotions and pleasant memories? Romantic brides usually prefer a fragrance that is classic while a jetsetter will opt for citrus fragrances that conjure the sunny scents of the Riviera. Chic and fashionable brides are not afraid of trying new colors and trends and they prefer glamorous fragrances.

Should brides use super fragrant bouquets? According to Vorce, guests may not appreciate a strong flower scent that can overpower the reception. Guest should be able to taste and smell the entrée without being distracted by a powerful fragrance.

In terms of décor, it is important for the couple to be true to themselves. Current trends include lush floral and golden candlesticks that could be the best elements of a good design. However, even if it is trend, don’t succumb if it does not reflect what you want. Great accents for summer weddings include neutral textiles like bamboo, wicker and hemp to contrast with greenery.

However, if the budget is quite tight, a couple can simply follow a more simplified version of the current trends. There are craft shops for inexpensive gold candlesticks including vessels that can be spray-painted with matte gold. Fresh flowers and candles can be added to create an impact that is not very expensive.

However, instead of racking your brain thinking of unique fragrances, décor and bouquets, your best option is to hire wedding planner in Sydney who will take off all the preparations and planning from your shoulders. It does not make sense to look haggard and tired on the day of the wedding because you took it upon yourself to see to everything.



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