Tips On Personalizing Wedding Favor Boxes

Bridesmaids and groomsmen usually spend a lot of efforts to ensure that the wedding day becomes special and it is just right to give them a gift inside favor boxes. It is a way of showing gratitude to people that matter most in your life. The best wedding favors that you can give must be edible or usable but the key to a wedding favor that is highly appreciated is personalization.

Set a trend with your ideas. If you are in New York, why not try bagels, cream cheese and the Sunday New York Times. If you are from Wisconsin, you can go for Mars Cheese Castle Specialties. If you are going to have a beach wedding, guests will love sea salt scrub inside personalized favor boxes. Beautiful bags and boxes are always appealing especially if they are created purposely for the occasion.

Sharing a little love through personal notes of gratitude to each guest which you can place inside a bottle or a favor box can spread a lot of love. After all, the wedding is all about love and it will be kept for years after the wedding. Many couples are now personalizing their wedding favors because they want it to be a reflection of their love.

Your love story can be reflected in the wedding favors through items that have special significance to you as a couple. If you met in a coffee shop, why not try coffee mugs with mini bags of coffee. If you had the first date in a baseball game, you can give Cracker Jacks or ball caps. Many wedding artisans can help out if you are not particularly good at DIY for your wedding favor boxes and bags.

You can also allow your guests to customize their wedding favors. You can decorate favor boxes and bags, add the commemorative tags and allow the guests to choose from a station of goodies. You can go for an old fashioned candy center with favorite treats, cookies and truffles.

Nowadays, anything can be personalized including candies and pastries. It only requires a little bit of imagination and creativity to create an ideal wedding favor.

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