Tour Packages In Johor Includes Property Hunting

If you are planning to book a tour in Johor, expect not just to eat and shop during the tour but to go property hunting as well. These activities are now included in the tour packages in Johor, Malaysia that are available to Chinese tourists.

According to the president of Malaysian Tourist Guides Council, Jimmy Leong, these packages are now available in various outbound Chinese travel agencies. These agencies are working hand in hand with property developers in China that have ongoing projects built on Johor.

He also said that the developers are signing a partnership with travel agencies so that the tourists’ itinerary for three days’ vacation in Johor will include property hunting.

After the tours have concluded, there will be a sales representative from the developer who will be promoting the property to the tourists and he will also be available for any questions from potential buyers.

Mr. Leong clarified that the property shopping is only a part of the entire tour and that there are other highlight activities that the tourist will be doing such as tasting local food, shopping as well as sightseeing. All these activities should be done with the assistance of the local tour guides.

He also added that the number of Chinese tourists has increased once more after its decline because of the incident that happened to MH370 wherein the airline disappeared more than two years ago.

Chinese tourists are confident now to visit Malaysia especially after the visa application was made easy and available online. Add the fact that the tour services offer very high quality.

One of the tourists, Hong Cheng Jie is a 35 years old architect from Beijing and he said that he visited Johor because of the recommended properties he heard about. He is a father to their one child and he admitted that they are planning to migrate from China soon because of overcrowding and Johor is on his list of potential destination. For those considering to purchase property in Western countries, starting with South America Tours will give them an idea on what to expect from the region.

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