Unfortunate Long Island Crash: Officials Reveal That Driver Was Drunk

Limo services provided by reputable companies like Bellagio Limousines can truly provide a worthwhile experience. Unfortunately, even when the service provided by the company is top notch, there are still things that cannot be controlled like tragedy, for instance. You can say that tragedy is like lightning. You can never truly know when or where it will strike and the worst part is that you can neither stop nor prevent it from striking.

Just like with the unfortunate Long Island crash that had killed 4 people, no one had anticipated it but it still happened, nonetheless.

The victims had gathered that day to celebrate one of their friends before she gets married, all of them were in their mid-20s and had come from Suffolk County, Scarsdale and Brooklyn and little did they know that their celebration would turn into mourning.

After visiting a vineyard at around 5 pm, the group of 8 friends entered the limousine that they had rented out just for the occasion. But after riding for a few short distances, they were hit by a red pickup truck after taking a U-turn at a crossing in the North Fork farmland.

The red pickup truck, coming from Route 48, had collided with the side of the fancy black limo and almost tearing it in half. Three of the passengers died instantly from the crash while another had died shortly in the hospital. Two other passengers were critically injured. The bride-to-be, however, survived the crash with minor injuries along with the driver of the limousine.

According to investigations conducted by the authorities, it was revealed that alcohol was the primary reason behind the devastating crash. The driver of the red pickup, Steven Romeo, 55, was then charged with driving while intoxicated and it would also seem that the charge could also be upgraded. The driver of the limousine, Carlos Pino, would not be charged.

Investigations are still ongoing but the family and loved ones of the victims had begun their mourning. Steven Romeo pleaded not guilty, although authorities are looking into how they could upgrade his charges significantly.

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