US House Bill Looks To End Battle With Marijuana With Recovery

Earlier in January 17, 2018, House Representatives Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna introduced a new house bill aimed at reforming federal cannabis laws, ending the marijuana war and bringing those that suffer from the battle into their nearest USA rehab facility for recovery.

The ‘Marijuana Justice Act of 2017’, was introduced back in August 2017 to the Senate, by Sen. Cory Booker, New Jersey, and is aimed to remove cannabis from the ‘illegal and restricted drug schedule’ of the US, as well as to address and deal with the destructive impact that the federal prohibitions on cannabis has done to both individuals across the states and the government units.

The companion bill for the House of Representatives, to Booker’s S. 1689, was introduced by Reps. Lee and Khanna, alongside Sen. Booker and the non-profit organization Drug Policy Alliance. The event also discussed the necessity of, and the demand of voters for the reform to its cannabis laws.

According to lawmakers and law experts, recovering from the cannabis war demands efforts from the federal part of the government, from adjusting law enforcements with new responsibilities, to aiding any communities still stuck on the metaphorical battlefield.

Part of the bill is to provide funding for community development in the areas of the US hit hardest by the marijuana war, including occupational training as well as education. Marijuana possession would no longer be counted as a crime, with any records of marijuana possession expunged, while those serving time for marijuana-related crimes to go for resentencing. Any states proven to have economic or racial bias with their cannabis-related arrests.

Rep. Lee says that this new bill will not only end the war on drugs, bring victims to the nearest USA rehab facility for help, and mass incarceration for non-white communities, but also a key step in order to fix the problems that the war on drugs have it brought. Lee says that this issue is now more relevant than ever.

Sen. Booker says that, despite the fact that cannabis has attracted good attention from mainstream, it would be remiss to forget the plant’s history. He says that legalizing marijuana would be hypocritical if the detrimental effects of the war on drugs was not addressed as well.

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