Walmart A Good Example In Logistics

In the United States, one of the major sources of carbon emission is transportation and the same is true internationally. In this regard, the biggest contributor is the shipping of goods or what is known as freight. The most important questions nowadays is how can companies adapt with the demand of the consumers increasing in terms of in-store and home delivery options while at the same time making sure that they are not adding to the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

This issue is not only a hot topic in the United States but logistics in Perth are also trying to find ways to reduce their carbon emissions. According to experts, the solution lies in data analysis through high technology and gathering of data using lo technology. They must develop a plan wherein routes used for delivery and pickups are the shortest thus requiring minimal fuel consumption but at the same time making sure that maximum amount of freight is being transferred. This scheme is also referred to as smart logistics and centres on the management of supply and chain.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. did their part by increasing the efficiency of delivery trucks by twice the normal number. Aside from upgrading their trucks into models that are efficient in consuming fuels, they also took a closer look on their entire network. According to the senior director of supply chain sustainability at Walmart, Elizabeth Fretheim, the equipment plays an important role in the process but the network takes a closer look at other aspects.

They analysed their whole network involved in freight delivery and implemented necessary changes like decreasing the fleet’s entire delivery miles while increasing the number of goods that can be hauled at once. The reduction of miles was possible by placing drop-off and pick-up points in the route of the truck instead of ordering several trucks to do the job.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been alarmed by the gas emissions due to transportation and this is the company’s way of helping out. This plan should be employed by all logistic companies in the world such as logistics in Perth which will surely make a big difference in the amount of greenhouse gases emitted.

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