Wealden Creates Grant Programs For Central Heating

Wealden, in East Sussex, England, has recently started up a new grant program designed to help homeowners and private landlords provide heating to their homes, complete with central heating controls and all the other related necessities.

The grant program, a cooperative between the Weal den District Council and Affordable Warmth Solutions, is a funding program that provides money to homeowners and private landlords so they can install central heating systems in their rural homes that do not posses them.

Any home in a Wealden village that is not part of the District’s mains gas grids, while the occupants should be the recipients in some form of government benefits .

The District Council has expressed particular interest in receiving applications for the grant from private landlords.

Any applicant for the grant can expect  the grant for their oil-fired boiler and the complimentary central heating controls, which should cover the majority of their costs, approximately 70%. Homeowners, meanwhile, will be completely funded by the grant. The National Grid’s Warm Homes Fund will be able to handle 40 homes across Wealden.

Cold home condition are known for causing medical conditions and aggravating existing ones, with senior citizens, being particularly vulnerable to the effects. For those above 65 years of age, particularly, cold home conditions increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke, on top of making mobility difficult and increasing the probability of trips and falls. Indoor temperatures, ideally, should never go below 18°C.

According to Councilor Graham Wells, while most consider central heating as a guarantee in their home, even if it isn’t required, the council believes that there is at least 400 homes in the Wealden area that lack it. The grant, he says, is aimed at the homes in the rural area, so they can receive some help, as they are likely to be using more expensive heating methods which aren’t capable of meeting the colder conditions that can occasionally plague the UK.

For the parties interested in the grant program, the Wealden District Council can be contacted for the arrangement of an installation survey via the telephone on 01323 443322, or by e-mail privatehousing@wealden.gov.uk.

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