What An Embedded PC Really Is?

The advancement of technology has dramatically modified the size and design of computer systems. The current commercial embedded PC hardly look like those of their desktop counterparts. Many industries however use these computers for applications that were so impossible to do long time ago. So let’s try to discover what exactly is an embedded computer and how different is it from regular PCs used in homes and offices today.

What Are They Used for?

When someone speaks about an embedded PC, he usually refers to a self-contained computer used as part of a bigger system. The embedded computer can serve the purpose from being the brains behind modern interactive kiosks and intricate digital signage displays. It can also be NASA’s planetary travellers to gather data using devices as navigation equipment and solar arrays. One can never understand how the embedded computers can quietly power the systems and devices that he can rely upon.

The Difference Between an Embedded PC and a Tower Computer

How to define an embedded PC is how they are used! They also provide a number of important benefits over a regular consumer-grade desktop:

  • Small Form Factor: An outstanding feature of an embedded computer is its size. They come smallerin size and can be installed in areas where bigger things can never fit. With their flexible mounting options and solid state storage, they are used in any position or orientation.


  • Low Maintenance: As the name implies, embedded computers are incorporated to more complex systems, where reliability is very crucial. They are inserted to industrial computers which function 24 hours. Though there is a need to have them enclosed, the heat efficiently dissipates, while protecting the internal parts from environmental damages like moisture, dust, vibration and extreme temperatures.

The Best Embedded Computer

An embedded PC is used in a wide variety of industries that require high performance computing power incorporated into a current device or as the main source for a new system. Embedded computers are frequently used anywhere like a network security device innovated to observe and oppose intruders or to track down some pipelines of the gas and oil industry. If you opt for the best embedded computer, you have to understand how it is used. It should provide the right solution to any industry.

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