What Stuff Hides Behind The Doors Of Self Storage Units?

Society has always had its share of hoarders that is why more and more people are leaving their stuff in self storage facilities like www.goodstoragebristol.co.uk. Self storage started in the United States in the 1960’s and it arrived in London in 1990. There are approximately 800 major storage facilities in the UK which is the same as the rest of Europe put together. It is expected that as long as there is an acquisitive society, self-storage will continue to thrive and prosper.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain why a family will pay for huge fees to store an old sofa when it is cheaper to buy a new one. Many people have the inability to part with their treasured possessions even if it is only old photographs, scrapbooks, birthday cards or clothing.

A storage unit that sold at auction for $600 at Ideal Self Storage in Howell revealed leather couches, wood furniture, a wedding dress inside a garment bag, an acoustic guitar, a bowling bin and plastic bins full of miscellaneous items. Upon closer inspection Jim Lawson who was the buyer of the storage unit found old baseball gloves and sporting supplies, an old Bible, inexpensive jewelry and a few personal stuff like UAW pins and awards.

When people are delinquent with their payments for the storage unit, it is auctioned off to potential buyers. Storage unit auctions attract people because there are personal possessions inside the unit. Auctions free up the units for paying customers particularly when the facility is 100% full with a waiting list. The operator has to recoup lost revenue.

It is very rare for operators to profit from auctioning off delinquent storage units and 99.9% of the time it barely covers the deficiency. For example, of the 10 units auctioned off, it only brought in $975 but the total unpaid rent was $6,518.

Buyers at auctions sell of what they find at flea markets or online. Television show “Storage Wars” has given people a wrong impression that there are big items inside the units. Once in a while a car, boat or motorcycle may turn up but it is very unlikely to find a Picasso masterpiece.

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