Where Safety Is Compromised Due To Outdated Electrical Wiring

In Nambour, many of their older buildings have outdated electrical wiring. An example is Nook and Cranny, a popular bar and eatery that has to shut down last week after a staff suffered from electrical shock. According to the estimates of Skyle Press, 70% to 80% of Nambour buildings have to upgrade their electrical systems.

Skyle Press said that it is not easy to fix the electrical issues in most of the buildings because after the wiring has been installed, electrician’s that performed additional wiring did not follow the code. Many of the wires were buried behind walls that have to be knocked down when the wiring system is upgraded. Since most of the retail stores in the city centre share one wall, there must be a joint effort between the business owners.

Most of the old business premises have been built 40 to 50 years ago and the standards back then were different. There were no safety switches or circuit breakers. When a new owner takes over a business with less power needs, upgrading will be a necessary expense. In most cases the main system has to be upgraded and the business does not want to spend money. They simply go on with the business until electrical safety issues are found out by the authorities.

Being locked out of your business because Energex has cut off the power to the store can be frustrating because there are customers to be served. It can get tricky because some of the owners do not want to replace old cabling. Not everyone can afford to upgrade to circuit boards. It is scary and some are not even aware of the hazards that the business face. Electrical shocks can happen even if there are not electrical faults because sub-standard plumbing can divert water to the wires.

Repairs and replacements to the electrical wiring of your home must only be performed by residential electrician in Perth so that the property and the family’s safety are not compromised. Aside from the possibility of electrocution, electrical fires and serious injuries can result from faulty electrical wiring installations.

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