Where To Enjoy Phuket Yacht Charter?

Phuket provides a flawless reputation among those who sail for its gorgeous tropical weather, magnificent scenery and lovely beaches. This is why tourists come to this beautiful island for an exotic trip to the Far East. This you can travel with a Phuket yacht charter that takes you around the islands

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and is also one of the richest provinces, especially with its flourishing Phuket yacht charter that operates within the region; and of course the island sitting in the Andaman Sea in Phang Nga Bay, the wildest and most beautiful location in the Southeast Asia.

After getting into town, you will want to do some sightseeing and the best place to start is the Chinese District if you’re a western tourist. Here you’ll find a world much different from the ones you are used to. There is the colourful and magnificent Put Jaw and JuiTui temples, the Phuket Culture Museum, the local university and the cultural centre.

You may also want to get souvenirs which you can take home when you go back to your country. The good news is having to do it at the Chinese District, where you find big stores and malls. There are also typical local markets which can go noisy, but you get authentic and colour products which convey real life Thai experience.

You can also try great Thai cuisine in Phuket, where you enjoy a good meal for a good price. You can start hunting for great restaurants in the centre of the town. The only difficulty you can have is reading through and understand the menus which may be written in Thai language. However, you can always seek help from the waiters on the specialties they have for the day.

Aside from the Phuket yacht charter which takes you around the island, you may want to try the nightlife at the beaches and streets of Phuket. In the neighbouring Patong, you experience real parties that can get you wild. If you want a simple good night out, head on to the central region of Phuket and enjoy nice bars and clubs. You may want to see how other yacht charter enthusiasts hang out.

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