Wherever The Kids Are, Tutoring Companies Are Sure To Follow

Tutoring companies know the value of learning especially for children. This is why wherever children need help with learning, tutoring companies will always be there to help. It doesn’t matter if they need to be tutoring in Cerritos or Milwaukee, as long as they could reach the children, they will find ways.

Kailyn O’Daniel is only 7 years old and even though she is passing her reading class at Hugh Mercer Elementary School, her mother knows that her child is struggling. According to Cynthia O’Daniel, Kailyn was having difficulty with phonetics but after two months of a one-on-one session at a local reading center, her daughter is now able to read fluidly even the more complex words.
This just further proves the importance of tutorial services for people who struggle with learning.

Cynthia also said that she has been working with her daughter every night but it was the games and the rewards system of the reading center that had given the most results.

More parents are now turning to the services of various tutoring companies to help their children enhance their learning capabilities. With the population continuously growing, not all children will be given the attention they need to learn better in schools. Because of this, parents are seeking more personal custom attention for their children which they cannot find in schools anymore.

Other than getting to help the children, this would also mean great business opportunities for various tutoring companies. In fact, according to a study done in 2012, the market for private tutoring is said to surpass $102.8 billion in 2018 throughout the entire world.

Companies are now investing on tutoring companies. Last year, Princeton Review was sold for $40 million while another tutoring company, InstaEdu, was purchased for $30 million by a digital text provider. Even Amazon has joined the trend when it bought TenMarks, a math instruction company, back in 2013.

This rapid growth of the private tutoring market is also being influenced by the rapid changes in the demand for service as well as the changing needs of the students. The new technology is also said to have played a big part in this.

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