Why Keemala Became Viral In Instagram

When the $30 million rainforest retreat opened in Phuket, Thailand in January 2017, everybody expected that clientele will include people who want a taste of Thai secluded luxury. They never expected that the retreat will be a hit with rich kids who wanted to take iconic images of themselves while they are tethering on the edge of Bird’s Nest Pool Villas and Tent Pool Villas of Keemala.

Unique tree house-inspired villas can be spotted along a picture perfect hillside of Keemala that offers an ideal retreat from everyday life. Guests are welcomed by an enchanting evergreen wonderland but it was so enchanting that it became a poser’s paradise and the to-go place for rich kids who want to brag on Instagram.

The wonderland that is located 20 kilometers from Patong, the party capital of Phuket has been hashtagged for more than 6,000 times. Its opening was anticipated considering that it is one of Thailand’s unusual properties. To put everything into perspective, QT hotels have only earned 600 mentions on Instagram in spite of being opened since 2011. To think that the brand is definitely worth an Instagram mention.

According to Natasha Eldred of Keemala in an interview with Elsewhere, they never predicted that Keemala will be a big hit among rich kids. However, when @doyoutravel and @gypsea_lust came to stay, the iconic images taken on the pool villas went viral. Now, guests are coming to the retreat so that they can capture the same exact location and brag about it on Instagram.

However, Keemala is worth bragging about because of the presence of a 24-conciergewilling to cater to every whim, airport transfers and a range of dining options from private dining to dining under the stars. Each of the villas includes an infinity pool that overlooks the stunning rainforest and nearby beaches.

The drawback however, is the cost at $1100 per night. If you want to enjoy the same luxury and comfort, there is an alternative in pool villa in Hua Hin. The interiors are inspired by a Thai wooden house with a large living area that overlooks a private pool and spacious deck.

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