Younger Generation Of Jobseekers Spending More To Improve Their Resume

According to data, younger generations of jobseekers have been spending more and more money as they try to increase their chances of landing a job by improving their resume. A jobseeker has to spend a minimum of W200,000 every month in order to have better looking resume. They are aware that the employment market nowadays is very competitive.

In the case of future educators in Thailand, they are spending money for services such as hiring a tutor company like Smart 1 Business in order to help them pass the English proficiency tests. This is a requirement before they are able to secure a teaching job.

Majority of young jobseekers do not have a stable income thus the amount surveyed is considered to be very expensive and burdensome.

In an online poll conducted by Saramin, an job portal company, around 51 per cent of responders claimed that they are spending over W200,000 in order for them to acquire new skills as well as to be stand out among competitions on the employment market. There are those that spend between W500,000 and W1 million while there are a number of jobseekers who admitted that they have spend over W1 million just to have a better looking resume than others.

The participants of the poll said that they have approximately spent W3.56 million on average before they are able to get a job. Majority of the money went private companies that teach specific skills, certification agencies and others are spent to improve their looks during job interviews.

With the level of the competition continuing to grow, the amount of money spent is increasing as well.

Around 79.8 per cent of the respondents have said that it has become a burden for them to create a better looking resume while 81.4 per cent said that the process of finding a job has been hitting their finances really hard.

Many of them have admitted that they have spent money in order to enroll in tutoring companies such as Smart 1 Business thus they have passed their English proficiency tests.

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